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L2 ANIUS X10 START 3 October – 20:00 GTM+2

Written by Dev.Death on . Posted in Anius x10

L2 Anius X20 Creation Character Reward
Please continue to promote and help us become as successful as we all deserve to be!

Lineage 2 Anius x10 (CLASSIC) will be based of full retail server and features (with little changes for more fun ), in server will not  have NPC buffer, Global GK  , GMSHOP & MANA potions .

RATES - Click Here

Start New Player - All Players will start game with 1 day premium service and free items up to A – grade (receive in leveling )

Community Board - will exist some extras for players like Show online , Show date/time Casle Sieges , Manage Account , Dress Character , Change Name , Voting Reward , Expand Service , Character Properties

Game Play - Retail instances , Drop and Spoil  , excellent MANA/HP regen with command /sit

Buffs - Limited to 24 + 4 (inspiration) normal duration 40 minutes , Song/Dance 12 slots duration 20 minutes (Dance of Berserker , Song of Purification  will be min )

Buff Store - Every each players will be able to sell buffs in server as private shop.

Events - 4 Active Events  TVT, Deathmatch, Domination, Last Man Standing  (permanently)

Event PC Commendation - Every day 1000 points bonus + 100 PC points in each 10 minutes and gifts of 60/180/320 minutes online time 

Grand Boss - Drop Epic jewels x1 ,  Respawn 

Olympiad Games - Heroes will be formed every 1st and 15th day of the month ( First heroes will be on 15 October ). 

Clan Reward - Each clan with 10 + online players will got automatic reward from 5 level clan + 10 000 clan reputation +  clan skills 


Mobcheaters forum looking for active Administrators , Moderators

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