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L2 ANIUS X10 START 10 October – 20:00 GTM+2

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L2 Anius X20 Creation Character Reward
Please continue to promote and help us become as successful as we all deserve to be!

Lineage 2 Anius x10 (CLASSIC) will be based of full retail server and features (with little changes for more fun ), in server will not  have NPC buffer, Global GK  , GMSHOP & MANA potions .

RATES - Click Here

Start New Player - All Players will start game with 1 day premium service and free items up to A – grade (receive in leveling )

Community Board - will exist some extras for players like Show online , Show date/time Casle Sieges , Manage Account , Dress Character , Change Name , Voting Reward , Expand Service , Character Properties

Game Play - Retail instances , Drop and Spoil  , excellent MANA/HP regen with command /sit

Buffs - Limited to 24 + 4 (inspiration) normal duration 40 minutes , Song/Dance 12 slots duration 20 minutes (Dance of Berserker , Song of Purification  will be min )

Buff Store - Every each players will be able to sell buffs in server as private shop.

Events - 4 Active Events  TVT, Deathmatch, Domination, Last Man Standing  (permanently)

Event PC Commendation - Every day 1000 points bonus + 100 PC points in each 10 minutes and gifts of 60/180/320 minutes online time 

Grand Boss - Drop Epic jewels x1 ,  Respawn 

Olympiad Games - Heroes will be formed every 1st and 15th day of the month ( First heroes will be on 15 October ). 

Clan Reward - Each clan with 10 + online players will got automatic reward from 5 level clan + 10 000 clan reputation +  clan skills 

L2 ANIUS X50 START 11 July – 20:00 GTM+2

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L2 Anius open new server Exp X50 , Drop X25 , Adena X35More rates )

Grand Open Date 11 July 20:00 GMT + 2

Server is based on high economica and fast growth game , L2 Anius team working with idea to create good PVE-PVP server with many interesting and unique game play , we think we are ready and now can show why you need to choose us :
– Strong experience development team
– Fast resolve of any problem in server and created new interested custom features
– 24/7 Online system for report bugs in game or suggest with new interested advised
– Unlimited question to our team in any dimension
– Friendly and good support ingame for Manual Event , questions about game and resolve some easy problems (helpfull support )

L2 Anius Giving to all new players follow things :

Creation Character
L2 Anius X20 Creation Character Reward
- Every Player with creation of character will received gifts from server
- With taking of levels reward will be increased and reveived with mails to all players

Clan Event Reward
L2 Anius X20 Clan Reward Image
We are have automatic clan reward sysytem where give u chance to take free reward with help for your clan
- for take currect event reward for clans u need have created new clan with 10 players online
- Free clan halls will be given only if all another from sevrer will be bussy or owned from auction manager

Olympiad Games
- 7 days hero period
- each monday new heroes
- start points 10 ( +8 for first time when u registered )

Siges :

Retail siege period
- 1 week siege
- next week Territory war


Mobcheaters forum looking for active Administrators , Moderators

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